Hello!  My name is Jess.  I'm a South West London based yoga instructor and I teach adults and teenagers at studios and community spaces locally. Additionally, I work with local secondary schools and universities to support their the wellbeing of young people through tailormade yoga and mindfulness classes and unique wellbeing workshops.  

My family roots are in the traditions of health and wellbeing. In the mid 1980’s my grandmother founded the highly respected health retreat centre - Skebo Herrgård– the first of its kind in Sweden.

In 2016, after spending many years in a busy corporate role in the hospitality industry, I began searching for more balance in my hectic life. I trained as a yoga teacher with YogaLondon, specialising in Vinyasa Flow (RYT200).
As a mother of two teenage daughters, I have a particular interest in adolescent mental health. In 2018 I completed a training to teach yoga and mindfulness to young people.  I was very fortunate to train with TeenYoga, the only accredited training course by the Yoga Alliance Professionals UK and I am now a trustee of the Teen Yoga Foundation. 

​Yoga is probably one of the only things that is over 5,000 years old and more popular and relevant today than it has ever been. I see yoga as a way to come home to ourselves, to return to the place we all carry within us that stays steady through the spin and the swirl of modern day living.

My goal is to help my students find this stillness by bringing loving attention to our body, mind and heart, in meditation, mindful movement and through breathwork. Every class is characterised by being curious and inquiring about where we find ourselves in the present moment to allow ourselves to move with more awareness and honour our particular needs. I will guide you through a practice focused on improving strength, flexibility, posture and breathing for a greater sense of wellness and vitality. No contortionist postures, but joyful, simple, powerful movements. A focused workout for the whole self. I also like to theme my classes, these could be physical themes, drawn from yoga philosophy or our daily life. 

Having found yoga to be a vital tool for balancing my hectic life, my goal is to help my students feel calmer, happier and kinder after each class, ready to face anything that life presents us with.

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