Hello my name is Jess.

My family roots are in the traditions of health and wellbeing. In the mid 1980’s my grandmother founded the highly respected holistic retreat centre - Skebo Herrgård– the first of its kind in Sweden.


Following a long and stressful career in the corporate world in 2016 I began searching for more balance and decided to train as a yoga instructor. It changed my life...

As a mother of two teenage daughters, I have always had a particular interest in adolescent mental health, which is in crisis, so I specialised further and trained  to teach yoga and mindfulness to young people. Since 2017 I actively support the Teen Yoga Foundation as a trustee.

My passion is to help young people strengthen their mindset and upgrade their physical, mental and emotional skills so they can take inspired action, achieve more of their life goals and potential. I help them upgrade their knowledge and skills and to reconnect with themselves, remember their beauty, uniqueness and self worth. I show them how to release their fears, doubts and limiting beliefs so they can lead happier, healthier and more fulfilled lives.​